Joaquim Tenreiro 'Curved' (curva) Chairs, Brazil 1960s

Joaquim Tenreiro 'Curved' (curva) Chairs, Brazil 1960s


4 beautiful 'curved' chairs by Joaquim Tenreiro. The chairs have a wooden frame with a D-shaped cane seat and a curved back with sixteen thin spindles. They are slender, light and the craftsmanship is almost flawless.

About the designer:

Living in a society where perfect execution is not everybody's primary concern, you can feel the amount of love, perfectionism and quality control that went into these chairs.

Joaquim Tenreiro was born on 26 april 1906 in Melo, Portugal.  After having lived in as well Portugal as Brazil, Tenreiro decided at the age of 22 to move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for good.

Following the trade of his Portuguese father and grandfather, who worked as joiner and carpenter, Tenreiro went into furniture making. In the beginning he worked for various furniture companies like Francisco Gomes, Leandro Martins and Laubisch & Hirth, where he had to copy traditional European designs for their wealthy but conservative clientele. An occupation that was very much disliked by Tenreiro. Until on a sunny day in 1943, life showed it’s bright side and handed him a shining opportunity. Read more about Joaquim Tenreiro.


In excellent vintage condition.


20.48 in. W x 19.69 in. D x 31.89 in. H; seat height 15.94 in.

52 cm W x 50 cm D x 81 cm H; seat height 40.5 cm


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