Domingos Tótora Organic Bowl, Brazil 2017

Domingos Tótora Organic Bowl, Brazil 2017


Organic bowl by contemporary artist Domingos Tótora. Made of recycled cardboard.

Domingos Tótora creates objects and sculptures where beauty is inseparable from function, lifting common everyday objects and injecting them with the spirit of Minas Gerais, the beautiful mountainous region he grew up in.

Although Totora’s team follows his designs closely, his creations are made by hand and inherently open for little imperfections and differences, purposely adding to the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic of the work.


14.18 in. W x 22.45 in. D x 5.71 in. H

36 cm W x 57 cm D x 14.5 cm H


Domingos Tótora - Maria Sonia Madureira de Pinho, Brazil 2013, unpaginated


Price: 450 euro




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