Gunni Omann 'Model 13' Sideboard, Denmark 1960s

Gunni Omann 'Model 13' Sideboard, Denmark 1960s


A rosewood sideboard, front with four sliding doors and two drawers, interior with six trays and six shelves. Model 13. Manufactured by Omann Jun. Furniture.

Omann Jun. was founded by Andreas Omann in 1933. At first the company mostly produced beds and dining tables, but from the 1950s the company also started to make desks and sideboards, often working in teak, oak and rosewood. Because of the high level of execution and great attention to detail Omann was sold worldwide, mostly in quite exclusive shops. From 1979 Andreas’ son, Bjorne Omann, took over the Omann Jun. and started to produce exclusive furnishings for professional offices. In 2015 Ulrich Oman, the 3rd generation, continued the company, mostly producing re-editions of his grandfathers designs often in light woods.


In very good condition


70.87 in. W x 17.72 in. D x 48.04 in. H

180 cm W x 45 cm D x 122 cm H


Mobilia, 1961


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