Otto Schulz - Pair of 'Schulz' Easy Chairs, Sweden ca 1936 (sold)

Otto Schulz - Pair of 'Schulz' Easy Chairs, Sweden ca 1936 (sold)


Pair of beautiful 'Schulz' easy chairs by Otto Schulz for Jio Möbler, Jönköping, Sweden.

Designed mid 30's, the first models of this chair where produced by Otto Schulz' own company, Boet. In 1941 however the production was transferred to the newly started Jio Möbler factory in Jönköping, where the chair also got it's name, the ‘Schulz’. With it’s classic but also very modern design, generous seat and back and inviting soft cushion, the Schulz was one of the most loved chairs in Sweden in the 1940s.

This luxurious pair is upholstered in original pink velvet upholstery and finished with the signature decorative nails around the legs, a technique that was named “Bopoint” and for certain uses specially patented by Schulz.


88 cm W x 75 cm D x 75 cm H, seat height: 42


Svenska Stolar: Och Deras Formgivare 1899-2001, Dan Gordan, pg. 102


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