Sculptural Black Table Lamp by Georges Frydman, France 1960s

Sculptural Black Table Lamp by Georges Frydman, France 1960s


Table Lamp by Georges Frydman, France 1960s

This sculptural table lamp designed by Georges Frydman is entrancing in its minimalistic and elemental shape. The geometrical lamp shape is formed from a single circular tube that is skillfully made of cast aluminium and finished with a black high gloss lacquer. The lamp emits a soft directional light. Due to it’s well sized proportions the lamp is a bold statement which commands the attention in any room in which it is placed. ~ HG

About the designer:

Georges Frydman was born in France in 1924. He started studying architecture at the fine arts after he read a book about Le Corbusier. In 1954, he founded a society called the “Equipement Fonctionnel de l’Habitation” which became the EFA Company. He organized a show-room in Nice in the South of France, dedicated to his society. During his entire career, Frydman tried to create an alliance between architecture and design. His work is characterized by a real modernity. He proposed through his research and his compositions, a new art of living, a new art of housing. He designed beautiful functionalist and modernist furniture such as desks, sideboard, chairs and tables thanks to the design, manufacturing and distribution company he founded. 

In 1966 Frydman receives the prestigious René Gabriel prize, a reward honoring designers of furniture in series with a qualitative and economic approach.


In good vintage condition. Wear consistent with age and use. The lamp has some scratches and small dimples.


18.11 in. W x 3.94 in. D x 15.35 in. H

46 cm W x 10 cm D x 39 cm H


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