Sobreiro Armchair by the Campana Brothers, Brazil 2018

Sobreiro Armchair by the Campana Brothers, Brazil 2018


Made in limited edition of 150, the 'Sobreiro' armchair is part of a small exclusive collection of cork furniture designed by the Campana Brothers.

The Campana brothers who are well known for their playful designs and use of exceptional materials, here for the first time work with cork. In the past they have used i.a. leather, palm fronds, toys, scrapwood and even fish skin.

"We've always been fascinated by cork, not only because it is an ecological material but because of its lightness," explained Humberto Campana. "The texture, variety of applications and insulation properties enrich the possibilities of using this material, in order to express new concepts and gestures. It's like marble that can be sculpted."




22.63 in. W x 29.14 in. D x 29.53 in. H; seat height 17.72 in.

60 cm W x 74 cm D x 75 cm H; seat height 45 cm

Made upon order:


Estimated production time, ca 6-8 weeks

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