These are fast times

These are fast times. The world gets more connected every day, trends come quicker then they go and your timeline refreshes by the second. So yes these are fast times. And although often pleasant in many respects, we like to believe in something else. It's called Slow. And if you take the time for it, it's is unbelievably powerfull.

Because slow means paying attention. A possibility to create. To create quality. A chance to reflect. And thus making the world a bit more beautiful.

And we think that's what great furniture and design is all about. It stands the test of time, because of it's great ideas, shapes, materials and build quality. It stands out even after dozens of years. And more then often it took our works ages to come to where they are now. Sometimes scarred, battered or patinated, but always more beautifull because of it. Because it tells it's story.

And that's why we like to think our furniture is Slow. Which we hope you will enjoy... but slowly.