40 Years of Danish Furniture design


40 Years of Danish Furniture Design, 2017

Full title: Dansk Møbelkunst gennem 40 år / 40 Years of Danish Furniture Design, 2017, Grete Jalk, Per Mollerup

In "Danish furniture art for 40 years", Grete Jalk goes through the golden age of Danish furniture design, from 1927-1966. This new edition is published in new wrapping with all four volumes in fresh colors.

In four volumes and with almost 2000 illustrations, a portrait of the development in Copenhagen's Cabinet-Makers Guild, which featured new and innovative furniture at their annual exhibitions, is drawn. This edition has a new preface by Per Mollerup. The text is unchanged from Jalk's original text.

"Danish furniture art for 40 years" is an invaluable reference work that was very difficult to get for years.

Four volume set: 1927-1936, 1937-1946, 1947-1956 and 1957-1966.

Language: Danish and English

Copy: New

Weight: circa 7 kg

Price: 465 euro

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