Domingos Totora


Domingos Tótora was born and raised in Maria da Fé, a mountainous region of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Returning home after having studied design in São Paulo, Domingos Tótora couldn’t help but notice the large amounts of discarded cardboard on the streets. Inspired by the possibilities he started to look for a way to use it as his source material. This passionate search resulted in a process where reclaimed cardboard is broken down into small parts, transformed into a cellulose plaster and with the use of added water, glue and natural pigments gets shaped into new forms.  

With this Tótora creates objects and sculptures where beauty is inseparable from function, lifting common everyday objects and injecting them with the spirit of the beautiful surroundings he grew up in.  Although Totora’s team follows his designs closely, his creations are made by hand and inherently open for little imperfections and differences, purposely adding to the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic of the work. 

Interesting literature:

Domingos Tótora, Maria Sonia Madureira de Pinho, Brazil, 2013